Friday, July 12, 2013

coffeecat's hail caesar

I have been quite busy as of late.  That's my excuse for not blogging.  Now my attempt at explaining my absence has been dispensed, let me get down to business. *laughs out loud*

Coffeecat's generous serving of Ceasar Salad
I have been trying to eat healthy lately and in pursuit of the healthy food, I scoured the city for some great tasting healthy eats.  As hard as it is to find great tasting healthy food, I still was able to find a few good choices.  One of them is Coffeecat's caesar salad which they call Hail Caesar.  I really love their version of this classic salad.  They have an option to put grilled chicken on top, which is how I always order it.  This is a well-made salad recipe, from the choice of lettuce (if I am not mistaken they use iceberg lettuce) to the complementing grilled chicken.  Even the amount of bacon bits and parmesan is just enough.  The highlight of the salad, however, is the dressing.  I love that I can really taste the anchovies and garlic in the egg yolk-based creamy dressing.  I also like that it is not runny.  If I have to nitpick, I'd say they can improve the croutons that they used.  I am sure they can find a good local-made Italian bread for that.  Other than that, I think this is a winner whether one is on diet or not. 

Price: P145.00 plus P40 if you want it with grilled chicken.
Coffeecat is located at the Primeland Bldg, Filandia IT Center (former Venue Compound) and I think in Cebu at the AsiaTown IT Park in Lahug.